NAPLEX® Easy helps take the stress out of test prep!

With 1,000 questions, plus powerful personalized prep features, NAPLEXEasy helps you study more effectively to achieve your maximum score on the exam.
NaplexEasy is the most effective way to prepare for the NAPLEX exam, NaplexEasy takes test preparation to an entirely new level. With its trusted content, customizable features, and expert authorship, NaplexEasy is the best way to prepare for—and excel on—the exam.

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Have a look at NaplexEasy before you buy it.
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Prep for the NAPLEX exam with practice questions covering all the key areas you need to know to succeed, and tailored to your individual strengths and weaknesses.
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NAPLEXEasy uses adaptive learning technology to personalize your test prep experience based on your individual needs. This ensures you spend more time on the concepts you still need to review, and less on the material you've already mastered.
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Your personalized dashboard displays your latest activities and scores so that you can constantly track your progress, and easily resume your test prep exactly where you left off.
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NAPLEXEasy includes a Personal Study Plan feature, which will support your test preparation and allow you to progress according to your customized study plan. Your Personal Study Plan will help schedule your studies, as well as set and achieve your overall goals.
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Your individualized skill report provides a full analysis of your proficiency in every subject area tested on the NAPLEX exam. This enables you to focus your prep efforts, overcome problem areas, and utilize your study time more effectively.
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You can view your test results easily after completing each test and access detailed explanations for any question. You will also receive feedback statistics for your total test performance.
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